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ZymoPURE II - EndoZero

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Simple Workflow

Don't wait for gravity.

Supplier Q


Midi & Maxipreps in less than 20 minutes

ZymoPURE is revolutionizing plasmid purification. Each step of this once involved process has been fully redesigned to yield the highest amounts of EndoZero plasmid DNA in record-setting time.

Our EZ-Load technology replaces slow gravity flow columns with rapid binding and washing using a vacuum or centrifuge. The EZ-Elute system makes time-consuming alcohol precipitation steps obsolete because highly concentrated plasmid DNA is eluted using a microcentrifuge. The EndoZero Spin-Column removes endotoxins with just a simple 1 minute spin, eliminating the need for lengthy incubations.

Elution means Elution.

Tired of performing tedious alcohol precipitations? With EZ-Elute technology, the plasmid DNA is bound onto a spin- column and all of the contaminants are washed away prior to eluting in a microcentrifuge. The resulting eluate is transfection-ready and highly concentrated, so there is no need to remove salts and concentrate the plasmid after elution. Be confident in your elution with ZymoPURE.

Good-bye Gravity Flow.

Say farewell to the drip. Your time is valuable, so why spend it waiting for gravity? With EZ-Load Technology, the plasmid DNA is bound onto a spin-column in mere seconds using a vacuum manifold or centrifuge, which completely eliminates the need for slow gravity flow columns.

Elute from a Spin Column

Load on Vacuum

No Ethanol Precipitation

Transfection Grade

EndoZero. Demand Zero or Nothing.

Endotoxins below FDA Limit for Vaccines

Sensitive Transfection Ready

In Vivo Ready

EndoZero has set the new standard for purity. Are you sure endotoxins are not affecting your results? Why take the risk? Eliminate any chance of adverse effects with a simple spin.

Redefine Purity with the Lowest Endotoxins

Stated manufacturers’ endotoxin levels for the ZymoPURE™ II Maxiprep kit compared to two separate kits from Supplier Q.

Highest Yields

Tiny but mighty.

More Plasmid

Minimum Elution Volume

Consistently elute ≥ 1 µg/µl

Our groundbreaking ZymoPURE Technology has the strongest binding affinity which allows our columns to bind 6 times more DNA using 65 times less matrix compared to other methods. The resulting eluate will be highly concentrated making it ideal for transfections.

Yield and concentration for plasmid DNA isolated using the ZymoPURE™ Maxiprep kit compared to two separate kits from Supplier Q. Plasmid DNA (pGL3®) was isolated from 150 ml of JM109 E. coli culture grown overnight following the manufacturer’s suggested protocol (in duplicate).

Plasmid DNA yield and concentration from the ZymoPure™ Maxiprep kit compared to other major suppliers. Plasmid DNA (pGEM®) was isolated from 150 ml of JM109 E. coli culture grown overnight following the manufacturer’s suggested protocol (in duplicate). One (1) µl of eluted plasmid DNA was visualized post agarose gel electrophoresis. M, ZR 1 kb DNA Marker (Zymo Research).

Confident and Consistent Handling

See it to believe it.

Visualize complete lysis and neutralization for easy, error free preparation.

Patented Multi-Colored Buffer System

Unrivaled Technology

The easy choice.

ZymoPURE II - Endozero
Plasmid Maxiprep Kit
Supplier Q
Endofree Maxiprep
Supplier Q Maxiprep
Maximum Yield 1,200 µg 500 µg 500 µg
Endotoxins ≤ 0.025 EU/µg ≤ 0.1 EU/µg ≤ 10 EU/µg
Time per Prep < 20 min 150 min 160 min
Hands-On Time 15 min 45 min 45 min
EZ-Load & Elute Technology
Vaccine Grade*
In Vivo & Gene Therapy Grade
Transfection Grade (Sensitive & Primary Cells)

* Endotoxins below the FDA limit for Vaccines (< 0.04 EU/µg of plasmid DNA)

Suitable for Any Application

Cited for sensitive techniques.

Transfection CRISPR
Lentivirus Production Adenovirus Production
Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Generate Transgenic Organisms
Site-Directed Mutagenesis Microinjection of Embryos
Sequencing PCR
Cloning In Vitro Transcription
Highest Customer Satisfaction

Unforgettable Experiences.

“I love it. Easy to use, good yield. I WILL definitely replace my Q kit with this”

- K.J., Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

“This kit is exactly what our lab
has been looking for”

- H.M., Washington University in St. Louis

“This kit is pretty great, midiprep DNA in about the time it takes to do a miniprep.”

- J.G., Yale University

Customer data demonstrates that isolated plasmid DNA is transfection-ready

Data generated by V.B. at University of Cologne. HeLa cells seeded in a 6-well plate were transfected with either 2 or 4 µg of pCI-neo® + GFP plasmid isolated from 100 ml of bacteria culture using the ZymoPURE™ Midiprep kit, ZymoPURE™ Maxiprep kit, or NucleoBond® Xtra Midi kit from Macherey-Nagel. GFP expression was assesed 48 hours later in cell lysates using western blot and Ponceau S staining. The blot was also probed with an antibody against alpha-Tubulin in order to verify equal loading of samples.

Plasmid Purification Reinvented

ZymoPURE II - Endozero Plasmid Midiprep Kit ZymoPURE II - Endozero Plasmid Maxiprep Kit
Processing Volume 50 ml 150 ml
Processing Time ≤ 20 min ≤ 20 min
Binding Capacity 300 µg 1.2 mg
Elution Volume ≥ 100 µl ≥ 200 µl
Endotoxins ≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNA ≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNA
Instruction Manual